{August 9, 2011}   Why Momma B?

So.. You’re wondering why you’re here and who I am. You’re here because of curiosity. Momma B? Who is she and what is she rambling on about? Well, I am just another mom, writing yet another mom blog in hopes of spreading the things that I’ve learned and sharing nifty resources and fun websites that I find. Why do i call myself Momma B? Well, I was raised with dogs. If you find it offensive that I identify so much with a dog-pack mentality that I refer to myself as a b****, so be it, this blog is probably not for you. I am the Alpha-Female of my pack (actually, I’m the only female of my pack, lol). I’ve got 2 wonderful pups, ages 12 weeks and 7 years. And my husband, The Sarge, is a prison guard. I also have an actual dog, a siberian husky who is goofy and wonderful.
And I’ve lost my train of thought. Hazard of watching Jersey Shore and blogging at the same time. Sadly yes, I find Jersey Shore fascinating. I have no idea why. It’s utterly stupid. But I just can’t tear myself away from it. Frightening, I know. But I don’t watch it alone, I got my friend V addicted too. Bwuhahaha.
Hopefully you’ll decide to come back and read more. You can love me, hate me, whatever. I do like some criticism, I need it to improve. And I know the trolls will come eventually, they always do.. maybe I’ll even feed them now and then. Let’s see where this goes.


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