{October 7, 2014}   Professionalism is dead

In the ongoing saga of leaving my job, I’ve decided that there’s no such thing as professionalism anymore. I keep being told that I’m unprofessional and didn’t do my job correctly, didn’t notify the owners of the business of issues with other employees. And I can not for the life of me figure out what the f***. Sorry for the foul language, but that’s exactly how I’m feeling about it right now. I was given a position and told to run the shop as if it were my own; the owners want to be “hands-off” and leave everything to me. Yet I was never given the strict authority to manage it the way I would have liked to, and when I expressed concerns about employees to the owners, my opinion was brushed off. I was exceptionally thrilled about this style of management with one employee who was given free reign to steal as he liked for several months after I told the owners that tools had gone missing, and then I got chewed out for not saying anything in the beginning of his employment about his klepto habits. I’m being extremely sarcastic about that statement, in case you were wondering.  In terminating my employment, I was informed that I would be paid the accrued vacation time that I was never able to use because the place has a revolving door of employees. Not only was I not paid that amount, I was also shorted for the hours I worked during the last pay period I worked. So in exchange for working 45-50+ hours per week, working while sick, missing events with my children, and dealing with verbally abusive employees, I am expected to settle for less than my full last paycheck. Since I’ve never been in this position before, I have no way of knowing exactly how to handle things. So I notified the state’s Department of Labor, to make them aware of the questionable business practices that I’ve been exposed to and to hopefully get the last of the money that I am owed. And lo and behold, minutes after talking to a Dept. of Labor Rep about the amount owed, I received a text message from my former boss. I deleted it without reading the whole thing, I just know from the notice my phone gave me that it was something about being too unprofessional to make a phone call before calling the Dept. of Labor.  That’s rich: sending a text message to tell someone they’re unprofessional for not making a phone call. This from a woman who has admitted in the past to holding paychecks beyond the time allowed by law because she can. My final paystub is inaccurate and the pay I received was short and I’m unprofessional for notifying the State about it. All this after dealing with the prick who’s only problem with me is what I have to assume is the fact that I’m significantly younger and female. And I’m the unprofessional one.  I can only assume at this point that there’s been a sudden change in the employee manual, effective as of two weeks ago, that former employees are not eligible to receive unused vacation pay upon separation.  Whatever. I’ll continue to work my butt off and be my awesome, honest self. There are plenty of other jobs out there that I can get.


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