{September 26, 2014}   Horrible People

I quit my job on Monday. Well, it’s not really as simple as it sounds. I had a great job doing what I love: working on cars. Been there 2 1/2 years. I’ve worked my butt off for the owners of the business, starting from only having a basic knowledge up to being the General Manager.  When the manager who trained me left in a huff, I kept the business going. Literally. It’s a tiny shop in a tiny town with only 2 employees at a time for most of the 4 1/2 years it’s been open. There were occasions when I was the only employee, because good help is hard to find, especially when you live in an isolated area.  I’ve worked when I was sick, I missed field trips with my son, I’ve worked 50-hr weeks without any over-time pay.

And this week I was forced out of my job.

We’re getting ready to move so that I can go back to school. We made the decision a few months ago and I notified the owners so they would have plenty of time to find my replacement and get him trained. Well, last week they came in and told me that my replacement would start the next day.

My replacement turns out to be a guy that I had reservations about when he applied. And I tried to keep an open mind about the guy all week, even though my gut was screaming that this guy was bad news. Turns out, my gut was right.

On his fourth day of work, he made a huge mistake. It’s a little bitty shop, one bay. And there’s no lift, it’s got a pit that cars drive over for service. That pit is off-center so anyone driving in HAS to have a guide. He was standing front and center when the truck started coming in and then moved out of the way, leaving no guide so I had to dive from where I was standing and be the guide. If I hadn’t been right there and the driver had been coming in faster (and some of them come screaming in) we could have ended up with a vehicle stuck in our only service bay.

When we had a moment I had him come with me to run the regular shop errands so he would know what all has to be done outside the shop. I figured we could talk it over in the car. My mistake. Instead of a rational, adult-level conversation about what happened and what to do in the future to prevent it, I got the ass-chewing of a lifetime. From a guy who doesn’t know anything about me.

I work my ass off for my employers. I do my very best and am an honest and upfront person. Doesn’t matter where I work, I’m an adult and having the responsibility to do a good job is something I pride myself on.  But something I will not tolerate is having someone in a lower position (I know he’s my replacement, but until I stepped down, he was only a trainee) or even someone in a higher position talk to me like I’m worthless. And that’s exactly what this man who doesn’t know me and who had barely started his training did.

I was called manipulative (shows you what hard work and honesty is worth these days) and impersonal. I was told that he has loads more experience and training and it’s obvious that I have neither (he’s never worked in this kind of shop before). And I was told that nothing I had to say mattered because I was leaving and he would be changing everything. And I was informed of all this in a tone of voice that I would never consider using with fellow employee, let alone a superior.

I was so angry about everything he had to say that I was shaking. But I held my composure long enough to get all of the errands run and get back to the shop where I could take care of paperwork and stay away from customers rather than have them know that there was a problem in the shop.

All of this happened on Friday, and I notified the owners right then so they would know what was going on. We all had the entire weekend to think on what to do going forward and while my husband and I decided that the best course of action was for me not to continue working with this guy, the owners decided that they’d talk to him and try to start things over.  My replacement did not come in on Monday, they talked to him at another location. When they talked to me, I informed them that there was no way I could mentally or emotionally handle working with someone if I was going to spend every day wondering if I was going to be yelled at again for no reason. And they told me that they wanted to keep employing him and that they were sorry to see me go.

So yes, I quit. But under duress. And 4 days later I’m still angry that a man who seems to me to be as manipulative as he called me has forced me out my job before I was ready to quit. I don’t understand how the world can work this way. That someone who’s loyalty and hard work can be so easily brushed aside for someone who is arrogant and uncouth.

On the bright side, I now have plenty of time to get my house cleaned and packed and be ready to move.


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